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Richard Alvin

Richard Alvin Executive Chairman

Our multi-award winning company founder is one of the UKs leading specialist in the small and media business sector. A regular media commentator he knows how important insight is to a business

Claire Oakley

Claire Oakley Managing Director

With over 20 years business research experience Claire has spent the past five years driving Trends Research to be the leading specialist in research with the UKs small and medium sized business sector

Julia Darby

Julia Darby Client Manager

Having worked for Trends Research and in the UK SME business research sector since passing her MBA. Julia brings to our clients in-depth specialist knowledge to achieve their aims

Sarah Hamblin

Sarah Hamblin Research Analyst

An analyst with over 12 years Market Research Association experience providing quantitive research with a depth of field data which enables clients to guarantee media coverage in all of the UKs leading media outlets

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Our work in the news:

money spending

Pester power from children pushing parents into debt

Fathers are more likely to be repeatedly pestered for items by their children than mothers, the Money Advice Service said. A third of parents say caving into pester power from their child has caused them to go overdrawn or take on new credit, a survey has found. With Christmas approaching, 33%

JK Rowling voted best female financial role model

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has topped a public vote to identify the best female financial role models. But the survey, to mark Good Money Week – from September 29 to October 5 – also found a fifth of people do not think there are any good female financial role models

tax free shopping

Britain’s leading retailers demand Philip Hammond delivers on digitalise tax-free shopping promise

Hundreds of Britain’s leading retailers have written a furious letter to Philip Hammond demanding he delivers on a promise to digitalise tax-free shopping in next week’s Budget.